Travel Tips To Save You Money

• 19th September 2018

Travel Tips To Save You Money

Although traveling is such a great thing and can lead to so many enriching experiences that money simply cannot buy, it’s always good to save a few dollars when traveling. Whether you’re taking a short weekend break or traveling across the Atlantic for a trip of a lifetime, we are here to share some great tips that could potentially save you some serious cash!

If you’re booking a flight – be flexible!

It can be surprising how much flight prices can vary considerably depending on the month, day and even the time of your flight. You may find increasing your flexibility by just a couple of days can save you hundreds of dollars. Thanks to tools such as it’s super simple to compare prices of flights using low fare calendars!

Sometimes it can be cheaper to fly with two different airlines
Fly into one airport and fly out of another - simply traveling a few hours can save hundreds and also means you get to see more on your trip!
If a short stopover may add a few hours to your trip but can save you a lot of cash!


Prebook transfers

If you know you’re going to need transfers to and from the airport, it’s always advisable to prebook some kind of transport particularly if your final destination isn’t close to the airport. Using a service such as jayride not only ensures you have a reliable method of getting to and from where you need to be but will also save you pennies! It’s a win-win situation!

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Broaden your travel horizons

If you know you want to travel, but you’re not sure where use comparison tools to identify cheap destinations! You never know, you might find a seriously cheap flight to a really cool place that’s totally off the radar, or you could bag a bargain flight to one of the world’s tourist hotspots!

Visiting somewhere off the beaten track will likely save you a lot whilst you’re there as well, with prices for locals rather than tourists!


Beat the baggage fee’s

If you’re off for a week of fun in the sun in Bali do you really need 20kg of hold luggage? Or could you fit your essentials into a carry-on? If you can, this can save you some serious cash! If you can’t fit everything into your carry-on bag, try layering! Surely it’s worth going to these lengths to save a few dollars?

If you do need to add baggage, be sure to do it before reaching the airport to avoid unnecessary fees!
When purchasing new baggage, be sure to go for an ultra-light option so you can squeeze in those few extra kilos!

Joey from Friends

Stay outside of the city center

You can save yourself hundreds of dollars by staying just 5 or 10 minutes from a city center in some cases! If you opt for accommodation away from the tourist hotspots, you might find you get a lot more for your money. This way you get to experience all the attractions the city center has to offer during the day but get to return to a cheaper retreat of an evening.

Staying outside the city center will likely mean you will find cheaper bars, restaurants & shops nearby your accommodation also!

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Eat like a local

Firstly, it’s always great to experience new cuisines, but eating like a local will probably save you money too! If you’re in tourist hotspots, it’s likely the prices in the top restaurants will do some damage to your wallet, whereas eating like a local can be super cheap and just as tasty!


Save on foreign currency exchange

Do your research on the cheapest way to get cash & spend during your trip, in some cases it pays to exchange money before leaving the country, and in other cases, it is wise to use a debit card for the best exchange rates if you don’t have to pay fees! So read up on it before you leave to avoid unnecessary charges during your trip!

If your debit card offers free withdrawals abroad, it’s worth checking if that will provide you with a better exchange rate than changing cash beforehand.
In some circumstances its best to change your cash once you’ve reached your destination
Sometimes credit cards can offer a great exchange rate with extra benefits for travel, as long as you pay it off right away, this may be the most cost effective option!

Now, that’s just a few of our money saving tips! Stay tuned for more blogs coming soon to save you some of your hard-earned cash! In the meantime, if you are shopping online, be sure to check out our range of discount coupon codes!

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